Guess Speakers on TalkShoe

First of all, I had a six pm class on Tuesday so I was not able to attend the live talk with our guess speakers. However, the technology allowed me to be a part of that conversation because it was recorded and I was able to know what was said, which was great. This was actually my second event where I was a part of such an event, the other being our first TalkShoe talk. I did not really know what to expect but I was excited to find out but I was left with a sour note at the end.

It was good to find out about the study abroad program. Throughout my Undergrad and my Graduate course, I was had this feeling of wanting to go somewhere like Spain, Chile, Mexico, etc. Some where I knew the language because I knew that I would have a much easier time adjusting and comprehending the material. It was surprising and good news to hear that Mexico is cheaper than other places and that is definitely something that I want to look into because I want to go into rural areas in Mexico and teach the community there English. Things in life have prevented me from exploring that but this has started my wheels moving towards that direction again.

It was good to hear from our guess speaker Dr. Jim in regards to online courses. It is good to put a face on someone that has been such a huge supporter in this type of learning environment. I was surprised that there is not a lot of enrollment for online course because I would assume that teachers would want to further their education and take course either face-to-face or online. It is bad to assume but I know that I took the opportunity for online classes for many reasons and one being wanting to further my education.

Through the online discussion with our guess speaker, there was a mention of testing out of course work. That is something that I would not want to do because I get more out of a class than I have when I have tested out of other classes. In my opinion, I do not want to take the “easy” way out but rather do face-to-face classes or online classes to get into the course at hand. However, I would understand testing out for some course in things like accounting but under the general education course load not for any major either through the undergraduate or graduate course work.

The following question was also brought up: What does an online course at cal state look like? I have been using blackboard since 2005 when I first started my undergraduate work at Cal Poly Pomona. An online class usually has quizzes, modules, assignments, discussion board, group work, and many other features. However, this course has actually been a little different. All the classes that I have had prior to this class have always had everything on the blackboard site. This is the first class where clicking the content option opens up a different window and then selecting a particular week gives you the assignments. I have to be honest, it took me a while to figure that out simply because professors have always had everything on there and there was no need to make any other moves.

Finally, what left me with a sour note was towards the end when the topic of younger cal state students not being as ready to do online courses. I am twenty-six years of age, I do not considered myself in the young category or older category, just in the middle and I found myself becoming upset over that comment. Specifically what triggered me was the shorter attention span because an assumption was made that because they are young, they write/type as though they are texting. Twitter was brought up, I am proud to say I do not have a Twitter account or any other thing that is going around. And yet I have a short attention span, but not because I am “young” but because of the medical situations that I have been going through which have made my ADD even worse, by the way. Having ADD is not something that anyone can easily conquer however, I put a lot of time and effort into this online classes. I believe that I can do it and if I happen to write something short and in “texting mode” one day, it may be because I have other issues that are affecting my attention. But I make sure if it is something academic, that I read it up to three times before getting the send button.

Excuse me, but I may still be a bit bias. I loved the speakers and found the discussion very interesting and educational. Do not take offense with my comments. 


5 thoughts on “Guess Speakers on TalkShoe

  1. Hi Amy,

    Welcome to ETEC 674.

    I almost didn’t make it either because I had to work during the scheduled broadcast, but I was able to take an hour off and participate. The nice thing about TalkShoe is that it records the discussion, so as you stated, it allows you to participate in an asynchronous way. You can also visit the site at a later time and download the recording to your local drive or a smartphone.

    I also found the study abroad informational segment very informative. I wish I could also go and study abroad. Maybe someday.

    I have to agree with you, I also found it very strange that the online courses were not as popular as the face-to-face courses. I think it’s because online learning receives a lot of skepticism. I have encountered many individuals who think that online learning is not as effective as a face-to-face (f2) class. However, I make sure to explain that just because the class is online doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the same rigor as a f2f. Furthermore, I explain that unlike a f2f class, online classes are very engaging, and the course load is as rigorous in a f2f class. Furthermore, its much more convenient because we have the luxury to learn at any time, and at any place. Then again, you will have those that prefer f2f environment especially if the professor makes the course content interesting and engaging.

    I have taken many online classes and one of the things that I noticed very early on was that each teacher presented the material in a different format. I must admit that it was a bit overwhelming at first, but I soon adapted, and I am now very glad that I was exposed to the variety because I have a better idea of what I will and will not use in my online courses, if I am ever so lucky to teach a course online.

    I don’t have a twitter account either, and I still spell out the entire word when I text. I guess I’m still “old school.”
    By the way, I am now following your blog. I look forward to reading your comments.

    Thanks for reading,

  2. Amy, I get your point. There are studies that show that the digital age generation has the ability to scan large amount of information at a very fast pace and make sense of it better than previous generations. I believe its the nature of the information that is being provided that is triggering a behavioral response that leads others to believe the attention span is shortening.

  3. Hi Amy
    It was nice to read about your future educational & teaching goals, sounds exciting that you want to go into the rural areas of Mexico to teach. It is wonderful that the opportunity to do that is available at CSUSB. I to enjoy taking courses online and really love the fact that as I type this comment I’m in Hawaii..Aloha.

  4. I understand why you would be upset about the comment made. I have a few opinitons on the issue. I am also 26 years olf and not sure what is considered younger but I think that students jjust entering college are coming from a new technology generations. I think that, that generation of students may be more tech savvy and be able to use technology better and more useful than the previous generation. Computers and the interenet will be all these students will know.

    On the other hand, I think they will challanges with face-to-face communication. I dont think they are not capable of these interactions but I think because most or all their life they have used text, email, facebook, etc that speaking on the phone or in a business meeting will be a more challnaging task. These students will be more prone to sedning an email rather than calling a business or person. I think that in some ways we are loosing that face-to-face interactions tthat help teach students hjow to talk to adults, bosses, and people of the community.

    I also don’t think that the “younger” students have less of an attention span but they are used to having information at their fingerprints (internet) quickly.

    I belibe that the next generation of students will be very tech savvy but will need exercises to practice their face-to-face interactions.

    Alisha Leon

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