Beginning of Final Project

Hello Everyone!

Boy, how the time flies!! Thank you for reading again.

As a person that was very against blogs and such things, I can say that not all online things are evil J.  I have learned so much in this class and I want to see what I can come up with after such a great learning experience.


For my final project, I have decided to go with option two.  What option two consists of is below:

Option 2: Develop a Course Outline

  • In this option you will develop an outline for an entire online (or hybrid) course. You must include:
  • Topics and objectives for each session in the class.
  • Description of the technologies used in each session of the class.
  • Explain each technology in terms of one vs. two-way communication, media richness/social presence, and why the chosen technology would be appropriate for supporting the indicated interaction.
  • Identify which of the three types of interactions (student-content, student-instructor, student-student) in an online class are supported by each technology.
  • Develop a description of the assessment/evaluation methods for each session of the class.

I wanted to see what I could come up with if I ever had an online class to do or a hybrid class.  I am not a teacher yet but this is great practice to have in order to prepare myself for the future.

I wish all of you good luck in the planning stage and I cannot wait to get started!

I look forward to reading your blogs soon!


6 thoughts on “Beginning of Final Project

  1. Hi Amy,
    Have you thought of a specific subject for your course outline? I currently do not teach and I always find it helpful to read course outlines developed by classmates who are actually teaching. I am looking forward to reading your course outline. [=

  2. I’m looking forward to reading your course outline as well. Are you going to try and convert something you are already doing into an online course? I think it is great when you can apply something you’re doing in a class to real life. Lisa

  3. I’m glad that you have found this class to not be totally evil! The course outline is a good project. Be sure to focus on the technologies and methods that you will use to support learning in the course!

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