Mobile Technologies

Hello everyone!

Last topic of mobile technologie


It is interesting to see how much technology has impacted our lives. I sit here typing away on my iPad something that students did not have fifty years ago and even hundred years ago.

I used a lot of technology for my final project. Sometimes I took pictures using my phone and other times I used my iPad and I emailed them to myself. I did not have a camera handy so used other technologies I had in order to make my vision come to life.

There was a statement made by our professor “Mobile devices are just that, mobile. They are used when people are away from their primary devices.” we have become a high tech society and we are always on the run. Everything we own or have at our disposal is mobile. Such as laptops, iPads kindles, smart phones, etc.

There has to be a way that we can incorporate such technologies in education even lower grade education. I see elementary students running around with phones better than mine and they know how to work it better than me. I have seen students bright up when they know how to do something nobody else does.

Incorporating mobile devices is the way to go and students will have such brighter futures if we as teacher take into account their knowledge of such devices.

Thank you all for such a great quarter and all the great feedback!

Happy holidays!


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