Mobile Technologies

Hello everyone! Last topic of mobile technologie   It is interesting to see how much technology has impacted our lives. I sit here typing away on my iPad something that students did not have fifty years ago and even hundred years ago. I used a lot of technology for my final project. Sometimes I took […]

My Final Project

Final Project from Amy Tapia I had to post my final project a couple of times because my blog was being stubborn and was not letting be edit correctly. And I was trying to add photos and documents but when I post things, it puts it right at the beginning! But I finally did it! Once you take a […]

Final Project

Final Project from Amy Tapia Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving and I hope no one was injured during that crazy black Friday deals.  For those of you that celebrate Hanukah, I hope it too is going well and you are enjoying the holidays.  I choose to opt out of black Friday […]

ADA Assignment 7

Hello again everyone! I have been enjoying reading your blogs and I hope you have enjoyed mine. I have to be honest, some things had me stumpped but I made it clear which questions so I do hope my lovely readers may help me out if I made a mistake or did not understand something. […]

New Media

Name of New Media o Word Press I was completely against blogs because usually all you read about in the news is how someone killed themselves because they were being bullied. Or people just posting intimate images on their blogs and them thinking that it would be something private that NO ONE in the world […]